Montessori education involves a way of presenting lessons that allows for the discovery of concepts and the construction of the unique personality of each child through interaction with the environment. Montessori offers an educational experience where children glean an understanding of their world by interacting with REAL objects, REAL animals, and nature. This approach encourages children to learn from each other and master concepts through repetition at their own pace. It fosters respect and peaceful conflict resolution.

To learn more about AMI, visit Association Montessori Internationale, the organization that Dr. Montessori herself founded and the one through which we receive our accreditation.

Our Dynamite Students

Dynamite Montessorians have starred in plays, excelled in science and math, been chosen to express their political views on a PBS documentary, play on elite soccer teams, and are dance enthusiasts. Some have discovered a love of history and reading while others have shown a propensity for foreign language, writing, and technology. There are those among our student body who are talented musicians, artists, and researchers.

Dynamite alumni have entered advanced placement studies and have won spelling and geography bees in public schools. One alum was a science fair winner; another received a “person of character” award. Some are doing community projects such as internships with the local herpetological society. We just graduated our first female engineer in 2016.

From 2010 to 2016, our Dynamite students regularly won science fair awards sponsored by the Cave Creek/Carefree Kiwanis Club

Alumni Updates:  One alum has entered the Coast Guard. Two have entered the Navy. One is entering Stanford and is an internationally competitive swimmer.

Recently one of our 4th graders placed 2nd in a Math League competition and has qualified for the state championship!