Dynamite Montessori is a joyful place where children’s spontaneity is expressed, where community is fostered, and respect is practiced. It is a safe place where the wonders of nature are discovered, and people experience kindness as the powerful force it is. Ours is a place where bilingual education is pursued, strong bodies are nurtured, lifelong friendships are formed, and the love of learning never wanes.

Outcomes of a Montessori Education Include:

• Keen powers of observation
• An orderly mind
• Ability to concentrate
• Responsible behavior
• Ability to make choices and commitments
• Peaceful attitude
• Problem solving abilities
• Confidence
• Athleticism
• Respect for others
• Reverence for nature
• Ability to make abstractions and see relationships
• Development of special interests
• Desire to learn more


Dynamite Montessori contributes to The Hunger Project, an organization committed to the sustainable end of world hunger. This organization helps people “help themselves.”